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For more than 10 years we have been operating electronic timing systems in the United Kingdom for a variety sports clubs and organisations. We can operate any pool configuration and any of the timing systems which are listed. As well as timing, we also operate different video and scoreboard packages which link into the timing system to display live video and results.

With experience with Hy-Tek’s Meet Manager; we can assist in the meet operation when it comes to linking systems and hosting live results on our web server.

Since water and technology never play well together, it is inevitable a malfunction will occur. We have experienced most failure and will try our hardest to repair any breakage. Should you require, we have a selection of spares which can be brought along to your meet; this includes spare backup buttons, spare starting equipment, cables and timer. We will always bring a toolbox with all the things necessary to keep your meet running wether its soldering a broken connection or replacing a blown fuse.

Please note, we do not supply the complete timing setup.

So email now to arrange us to run the timing at your next meet.